COVID-19 Vaccinations Phase 1 – direct prevention of mortality and supporting the NHS and social care system

JCVI advises that the first priorities for the COVID-19 vaccination programme should be the prevention of mortality and the maintenance of the health and social care systems. As the risk of mortality from COVID-19 increases with age, prioritisation is primarily based on age. The order of priority for each group in the population corresponds with data on the number of individuals who would need to be vaccinated to prevent one death, estimated from UK data obtained from March to June 2020:

The practice is currently working towards completing the first 2 tiers within the next week dependent on the delivery of the relevant vaccine.

Moving forward we envisage starting to work on tier 3 also but again this is dependent on the delivery process which is centrally arranged and out of the practices control.

We are waiting on further guidance in relation to the housebound cohort of patients, as this is further complicated by the complexity of the vaccine in the transportation process.